As Low As $6.00 Per Ticket

Waynesboro Theatre offers group tickets for as low as $6.00 per ticket and outstanding deals on facility rental packages.

Bulk Tickets Package

Minimum of 20 tickets purchased in advance. Can be used for tickets and concessions.

Group Concession Package

An optional package that allows the customer to prepay for unlimited popcorn and fountain drinks at a reduced rate. Must purchase bulk tickets or group movie package.

Large Group Movies

This option is for groups of 100 or more. The current group rate applies.

School Field Trips

Same as Large Group Movies, but can be scheduled before normal opening hours.

Private Group Movies

For groups under 100 tickets, customer must buy out all seats in desired theater at the group rate.

Business/Group (Nights/Days/Weekends)

For groups of 50 or more with identification with that business or group. 

Movie Premieres

Locally produced films have the opportunity to have their first showing at Waynesboro Theatre with a contract and deposit.

Film Screenings/Private Retro Movies

For customers who wish to see a movie that is not in wide release (film screening) or movies that are no longer in theatres (private retro movies). Customer pays for film rights and facility rental.

Groups Inquiry Form

Prices are $5.50 per ticket for 20-99 tickets and $5 per ticket for 100+ tickets.